16 Seater Standard Hire

16 Seater Minibus Hire Basingstoke 

You can hire a 16-seater minibus hire in Basingstoke from ou company for several purposes. Perhaps you need to transport family members to and from a birthday party or wedding or, maybe, you want to take all the family to a local site of interest. Perhaps you have a group of friends who might want to go to a music or sporting event or, maybe, you are looking to transport a group of musicians to a gig or a sports team to a sporting fixture. It might be beneficial to provide business partners transport to and from a meeting so that they can all get there on time and get to know each other better.

Convenient Choices

Our Coach Hire Basingstoke has several alternatives that meet the needs of our guests. Since privacy is their main concern, they often wish to be able to control the amount of noise on the bus. They can do that with ease by using our selection of private buses. some prepare for meetings using the audiovisual tools we provide in our buses. In our air-conditioned buses, they can focus on files without the distractions available on public transportation.

The Minibus Company exemplifies transportation perfection with a vast collection of service packages and accompanying fleet selections. Why include the chore of driving when our 8 seater Minibus Hire with driver provides a secure and professional navigator guiding the entire adventure. While our chauffeurs accomplish transportation performance, six to 16 guests relax in grand comfort. Our enormous Coach Hire interiors accommodate 6 to 8 people in travelling abundance while enjoying cheap Minibus and Coach Hire prices.

Lavish Seating is available on all of our buses. A 16 Seater minibus hire with drive from our Coach Hire Basingstoke has cushioned seats for all travellers, no matter their height. You can unwind amid a long trek on the off chance that you wish to do so on our 14 seaters or 24 seaters. A few explorers may even sleep amid the excursion, since all of our buses are completely air-conditioned. This implies they can wake up feeling revived when they arrive.

Numerous individuals would lean toward not driving long routes and being distracted by upcoming deadlines. Our Private Minibus and Coach Hire makes it simple to move quickly to a conference, wedding gathering or another occasion and arrive in a more relaxed state. Our guests are picked up wherever they wish and booking is always easy via our convenient online portal.

The standard-hire minibus (16-seater minibus hire ) from Coach Hire Basingstoke is a Ford Transit. The ergonomically efficient, well-maintained vehicles for hire are six years old at most and many are considerably newer ensuring their reliability. They all have up-to-date technology so that group members can be entertained on their journey. Every driver has been fully vetted so the company is a very safe one to hire from. If you need to transport a small group of people why not enquire about a quote from a courteous team member of our company 

16 Seater Minibus Hire Basingstoke

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