24 Seater Bus Hire

24 Seater Coach Hire Basingstoke

The 24-Seater Mini Buses at Coach Hire Basingstoke, are tailor made to transport smaller sized groups of people of all ages, in a smooth, efficient manner, whilst remaining comfortable and relaxed, throughout the duration of the journey. Regardless of whether it’s a straightforward drop to a party or an excursion that will last a whole week, our small coach service will take away all the stresses and strains that can be associated with moving a troop around, away from the organiser, whose fun and enjoyment is often diminished, because of having to concentrate on keeping things organised and in check. Leave the worrying to us, it’s what we do and we do it well.


Our ergonomically designed seats provide ample foot and head room and ensure that you remain in a serene state of mind, and free to take in the beauty of your surroundings along the way. Choose to utilise one of our highly trained and well vetted professional drivers, or drive it yourself. Either way, the 24-Seater Mini Buses at Coach Hire Basingstoke are modern, no more than six years old in fact, and come with air conditioning and a fantastic entertainment system to boot.


If you would like to book this service, or simply want more information, please feel free to write to us or call, and one of our friendly and well-informed staff will be happy to answer all your questions. Our services are available at short notice, and we offer discounts for early bookings.

24 Seater Coach Hire Basingstoke

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