Minibus Hire With Driver Basingstoke

Minibus Hire With Driver Basingstoke 

Our reliable Minibus Hire With Driver is a great option for people who want to travel in a relaxed manner. Our drivers are all trained to handle the rigors of long drives. As such, they can take you on any trip with confidence. You can book any of our buses for day or nighttime trips.We can carry your safely to an event in the country and ensure that you get back to the city on time for another event in the morning.

Convenient Options

Our Coach Hire Basingstoke is known for its convenience. With our team, each package that you choose is designed with your needs in mind. each pick up point is selected because it is near to you. That means you can get as near to your home as your wish after a day trip or stag night is over.

Our booking options are also designed for you convenience. Each time a client contacts our team, they have the option of doing so via phone or email. Bookings can be made at any time via our online form. Select your departure point, the number of persons in your group and other relevant information.

Restful Travel

Driving can be a lot of hassle. Even at the beginning of the day, there are many obstacles to overcome. Many people would prefer not to drive long distances. Our Minibus Hire With Driver makes it easy to travel to a wedding reception or another event and arrive feeling relaxed.

You are probably wondering about the prices however and quotes will vary from customer to customer depending on your individual needs. Let's get into how we actually come up with the cost for our services.


Basingstoke is a large town in Hampshire in the south of England. Originally a small market town, Basingstoke grew significantly after World War II and today is home to the UK headquarters of a number of large companies, such as The Automobile Association and ST Ericsson. In recent years, the shopping centre has undergone extensive renovation.


 We have minibusses which seat from 8 people to 22. If more than 24 are travelling you will need one of our luxury coaches; the biggest vehicle in our fleet can accommodate 72 and comes with refreshment and toilet facilities.

Our Coach Hire Basingstoke helps you to get to meetings on time. Our minibus hire with drivers will call you before they arrive so you know they are on their way. Each one is skilled at operating the vehicle they have. In addition to this you can rely on our Coach Hire Basingstoke drivers to take you back to your office after a meeting at a hotel.

Minibus Hire With Driver Basingstoke

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